Just a Few Steps...

Please follow these instructions in order to convert your audio files with success and good quality:

1. Drag and drop your audio files onto the table's area. Alternatively, click the "Add Files" button. You will see all audio files added into the table.

2. Choose the output format and its quality from the Profile combo. Profile is not just a format, this is a set of parameters optimized of each audio format. If you would like to change the standard settings, you can click the "Advanced..." button. On the new window you can adjust audio bitrate, sample rate, audio codec and channels. You can change the format and settings for item in the table separately. To do it, just disable the "Apply to all" checkbox, then select some row in the table, and select desired output format.

3. You can trim and merge audio fiels. If you don't want to convert the whole audio, you can trim it, cut the part for conversion. All you need is to click the "Trim" button. Then use triangles or timing controls to set the start and end positions of the music. There are also "Join" option on the toolbar. Use it to merge the output files into the single continuous music. And finally, you are able to edit the MP3 tags. Please click this button on the toolbar, and enter information about audio track there: Artist, Album, Genre etc. The portable MP3 players and software will use tags information in order to show it to you in a readable form.

4. Choose the output folder (under the Profile combo) for converting files and Click "Convert" button on the toolbar. On the settings window you can enable "Shut down PC" option if you don't want to wait until the end. In this case the program will close itself and shut down computer after conversion.

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